6/12-6/13. Battle in the Bluffs III

Battle in the Bluffs III (Bitb3) was hosted by Rigor Mortis and was supposed to take place at the Council Bluffs Sports Complex, but due to the rain the tournament was moved to Memorial Park. The Bandits started things off on Saturday playing Silage, losing 13-3. Then they played the host Rigor Mortis, struggling to score in a 13-2 loss. The Bandits' third game was against a team out of Norwalk, Iowa and was a constant back-and-forth battle. With the game tied up at 12-12, Alex Carlson scored what should have been the game-winning point,but Norwalk called it out of bounds. After turning it over multiple times and many controversial calls (along with some middle fingers) the Bandits won 13-12. Next, they played FatC (Fire at the Circus) in a game on a 50 yard field with only upside-down pulls. The Bandits led for most of the game, but ended up losing 13-11. Sunday started with the Bandits playing Rigor again and fighting for a 13-5 final score. Although it was a lost, the Bandits showed a lot of heart and skill by sticking with it and putting up 5 on Rigor. The final game of the tourney for the Bandits was another meeting with FatC. Right out of the gates the Bandits went on a 4-0 run, but hit a wall, failing to score the rest of the game and losing 13-4. The team grew a lot this weekend and showed that they are going to be a real threat in upcoming tournaments.

Nebraskionals (Nebraska High School Championship)

 Nebraskionals took place Saturday May 15th at Memorial Park and although some of the Bandits had a rough night                                                                                                 before, they came out on top Saturday. With a first round bye, the team had extra time to recover and then played a pretty                                                                                         talented Lincoln Pius X team, winning 13-10. Then they met Sweet Justice, who had beaten the Bandits twice before, in                                                                                        what was essentially the championship game. It appeared that it was just another win for Justice as they held a 10-7                                                                                             lead late in the game, but the Bandits went on a 6-0 run to finish the game and become the Inaugural Nebraska Ultimate                                                                                       High School Champs. Now, the Bandits are planning on playing in Battle in the Bluffs 3 coming up the weekend of June                                                                                         12th/13th.

MLC Tournament Results

Game 1: Bandits vs. MLC (13-1) W
Game 2: Bandits vs. FatC (13-5) L
Game 3: Bandits vs. Cornfed Mixed (15-13) L
Game 4: Bandits vs. Rigor Mortis (13-1) L
-Not too shabby for our first time in competitive play. We are proud to have won the first game in BB history, and we played our hardest despite the tough opponents. Well played, gentleman. Let us use this day as a learning experience and work on our strategy accordingly. I know we are all itching to play again soon!

Overall Record